Set in the distant future where mankind is still recovering from a thwarted alien invasion. Though peace has returned, tensions rise as the reconstruction of Earth's major countries is at a standstill. If you love Mecha, this story is for you! If you don't, its still for you!

Butajin is an adventure set in an alternate Edo-period Japan. It is the story of the swords-woman Eden and her quest for vengeance against the man/monster that killed her parents, the dreaded Buta Otoko. Season 1 - The Edo Arc has been completed. Season 2 is currently in the Pre-production phase. Enjoy!

The story of an unusual assassin and the kindred spirit he finds in one of his targets. The pilot episode is currently out. Continuation status: Undecided. Still, whether its a one-shot, or upcoming series, we hope you enjoy!