Myr & Yuuki

Myr and Yuuki is the story of an unusual assassin, Myriad Stotenbeich, also known as the Legendary Assassin Eshu.

Featuring the voice talents of:
Cathy Rinella as Yuuki Amano
Kyle Loucks Jr. as Myr
Morgan Barnhart as Child Myr/Yuuki's mother
Crystal Taylor-Dennis as Francesca
Quinten Boyd as Myr's father
Justin Charles as Yuuki's father
River Kanoff as Manny
Tisch Parmalee as Eilie
Josh Click as Narrator

Closing Music:
Lost Dreams to New Beginning by Milkman Dan.Other music provided by:
Milkman Dan
Derek R. Audette
Kevin Mcleod
Maestro Rage.


Episode 1

The origins of the Legendary Assassin Eshu and his first encounter with Yuuki Amano.

Episode 2

Yuuki's journey into Myr's world leads her to a very strange place.