Butajin is an adventure set in an alternate Edo-period Japan. It is the story of the swords-woman Eden and her quest for vengeance against the man/monster that killed her parents, the dreaded Buta Otoko.

Featuring the voice talents of:

Melissa D. Johnson as Keiko Sazami/Eden
Carl Cubbedge as Hanzo Sazami
Morgan Barnhart as Nikola Sazami
Justin Charles as Buta Otoko/Nakajima/Random Extras
Josh Click as Tyde
Kat Kuo as Olivia Kuroyanagi
James Smith as Yoshitaka Kawaguchi
Kimberly West as Kaori Kawaguchi (Eps 2-8)
Amanda Gonzales as Kaori Kawaguchi (Eps 9-12)
Tamtu Bui as Gin Matsuzaki
Lucien Dodge as The Shogun
Edwyn Tiong as Regai Kuroyanagi
Crystal Taylor-Dennis as Tomoe Kuroyanagi
Ryan West as Jinta Takeuchi
Laura Post as Princess Chisato
Chel'ci Arnold as Granddaughter Yukiko
Robyn Paterson as Seiza Aoi
Ty Konzak as Rai
Amber Conners as Fuu
Tom Kempson as Taro
Joe Stofko as Nobuo Kuroyanagi
Julie Hoverson as Nanami
Kyle Loucks Jr. as Genno
Natalie Van Sistine as Hoji


Episode 1

Little Keiko Sazami's parents were butchered by the mysterious, evil swordsman known only as the Buta Otoko, a name he's been given because of the pig mask he wears. She now seeks to learn the way of the sword in order to avenge them. Can she persuade Japan's most skilled and powerful swordsman, the young and arrogant Sword Saint, to train her?

EPisode 2

Five years have passed. Eden is given an important task by her master, but can she fulfill it without succumbing to her own unresolved anger?

Episode 3

With Yoshi's help, Eden faces off against the Man in a Pig Mask. Could this be the Buta Otoko? Will all of her training be enough to defeat this menace, avenge her parents and rescue Yoshi's sister?

Episode 4

With the defeat of the Man in the Pig mask, Eden and Kaori take a well deserved break, while Tyde, Yoshi and Gin discuss important matters. What could an encounter with a bratty princess possibly lead to?

Episode 5

The princess has been kidnapped by a maniacal ex-Imperial General out for revenge. Can Eden and company find her before its too late?

Episode 6

Eden and Kaori face off against Rai and Fuu, whilst Gin attempts to take the dangerous Seiza Aoi on his own.

Episode 7

In the aftermath of Seiza Aoi's defeat, Tyde has an important announcement to give to Eden and company.

Episode 8

The Sword Saint and the Shogun's daughter are married. Beneath the merriment and festivities, darker forces have begun to move.

EPIsode 9

While Eden and company make their way toward their goal, a sinister plot unfolds back in Edo.

Episode 10

Eden and co. face off against Tomoe and her group of deadly ninjas.

Episode 11

Eden and Tomoe have their showdown. Meanwhile, events unfold back in Edo that threaten the very fabric of the Shogunate.

Episode 12

Regai's plot comes to a tragic, conclusion as Eden's world crumbles around her.